'ARS-Robo' product

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1. Introduction and basic features and capabilities

This is preliminary information of the product - as the product is still in development it's looks, features, capabilities may change.

The ARS-Robo product consists of 2 parts:
- a robot device
- and, a host program, running on a variety of platforms

The robotic device is equipped with and has the following capabilities:
- low power CPU board, booting an operating system; battery powered, wireless charged; capable of power off and event triggered power on
- capabiliities of inactivity power off and event triggered power on
- microcontroller recording magnetic orientation and distance to obstacles
- 2 independently controlled variable speed electric motors
- display with a face image and capabilities of expressing emotions (anger,fear,surprise...)
- speaker and voice synthesis capabilities of - male,female and whisper voices
- dictionaries of 20-50,000 unique words in:English,French,German,Spanish,Russian
- microphone and voice recognition capabilities; script language defining input voice commands, output voice response, and actions
- camera and image processing capabilities; movement detection and object recognition
- wireless connection to a host program; capability to create, if needed, an access point
- dimensions of device: length / width / height = 6.5" x 4.5" x 3" ; weight: 1lbs(0.5kg)

The host has the following capabilities:
- runs on: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
- voice recognition and voice sysnthesis capabilities
- receive and display remote information from robot device including: camera vision, magnetic orientation, distance to obstacles
- able to take partial or complete control over the movement of the robot device

2. ARS-Robo device look

The images below show the first edition of 'ARS-Robo' device. It consists of a 'brain' - the processor, display and sensors, and a 'body' - the chassis with motors and wheels.

ARS-Robo 'brain'     ARS-Robo 'body'     ARS-Robo device 'brain & body'
             the 'brain'                                       the 'body'                               'brain' & 'body'
The full device set includes a wireless charger - as shown on the near and far view images below.

ARS-Robo device set - close     ARS-Robo device set - far
       full device set - near view                   full device set - far view'

3. ARS-Robo host program look

The images below show the host program of 'ARS-Robo' product - on Linux platform (Ubuntu 16.04).

When the host program is started it initialy shows a splash screen with a face and vocalizes a greeting message.

After establishing connection with the robot device, the host program shows the real time (no latency) remote vision screen with on-screen control buttons.

The other supported platforms have similar/comparable look.

ARS-Robo host program on Linux     ARS-Robo host program on Linux'    
       host program on Linux - splash                     host program on Linux - remote vision

4. How to get ARS-Robo product

The ARS-Robo product is still in development however you can:
- request a pre-release product for evaluation
- or, pre-order a product and have it shipped at the time of official product release

To do this please go to our -> Pre-Order web page .