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While the ARS-Robo product is still in development and not yet released you can:
- request a pre-release product for evaluation
- or, pre-order a product and have it shipped at the time of official product release

We offer a pre-release product for:
- research organizations - universities, government and corporate research
- influencers - bloggers, writers, marketers, evangelists

A pre-release product is not free. There are conditions on this offer, when an order is placed:
- we will charge shipping fee based on your location, as specified below and send the product
- you have 20 days to evaluate the product and then ship it back to us
- if we do not receive the product within 30 days we will charge the suggested product price

All other individuals, companies, and organizations can pre-order the product.
When we do an official release of the product we will then charge product and shipping fees and ship first pre-order requests in the based on the sequence they were placed.

Currently we use a way of payment with credit cards. After official product release we plan to add other ways of payment like - SEPA (Europe), Alipay (China), Apple pay, Bitcoin pay.

Even though a pre-order will be serviced at a later time, we do not store credit card information on our computers, on web site servers or in our location. Your credit card info is going to our credit card processor where the payment info is stored in a PCI compliant way. We are getting a token, which we can use to do a charge at a later time - when we ship a pre-release product or released product for a pre-order.

Suggested 'ARS-Robo' product price: $399 US
          Estimated shipping fee:
- within US, ground service with tracking - $19 US
- international, Fed-Ex service with tracking - $79 US

***option of post office international service ($49 US) is available - if you assume the delays and the risk of loss

Please enter the required information, select 'pre-order' or 'pre-release' and push 'Request product' button.

The next page allows you to cancel or confirm your request.

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*First Name:      *Last Name:      Company/Firm:
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